Never Yo-Yo Diet Again! The 6 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss

85% of people who go on a diet will regain the weight within two years. Ouch! No wonder two-thirds of our country is overweight or obese.

I lost 150 pounds over 17 months on the Take Shape for Life program. And more importantly, I am successfully keeping it off. This video won’t show you how to lose weight. If you need to lose weight then check out my 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge.

But if you are at the point where you are trying to maintain your weight, or you are thinking about losing weight but want to make sure that there is a solid system is place at the end of the rainbow to help you keep the weight off permanently, then watch the video here.

As my mentor Jim Rohn has taught me: “Success is simple. What’s difficult is divorce, disease, poverty. Do the simple things.”

I couldn’t agree more. Success is simply a matter of following a few key principles daily. In this video I talk about the “secret sauce” behind why Take Shape for Life is much more than a diet, rather it is a program for permanent weight loss. These 6 key principles are represented by the acronym B.E.S.L.I.M. They stand for:

Breakfast, Exercise, Support, Low-fat meals 5-6 times a day, Individual plan, Monitoring. Watch the video above to get an in depth review of why they are important and how to apply them to your lifestyle for permanent weight loss.

If you are still at a point where you need to lose weight, then check out this video on my 28-Day Weight loss Challenge. I specialize in helping busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who want to lose 50+ pounds (and keep it off for good!), successfully lose weight.

2 thoughts on “Never Yo-Yo Diet Again! The 6 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss

  1. Gary Johnson

    Great video and blog. Love the accountability piece the best. This is something that has help me be successful in different areas of my life. It is simple AND effective. Also like the simple acronym BESLIM…catchy.
    You are an awesome coach and human being.



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