How to Get Started

I started the Take Shape for Life program in July 2013. Over the next 17 months I lost a total of 150 pounds, going from 348 down to 198. (I’m 6’3″.) Most importantly, I’ve learned how to keep the weight off for good.

I’m a former CEO of my family’s 108 year old office supplies business located in El Centro, California. But I decided to leave that and pursue my passion of helping others achieve a greater level of success in their life. I’m now a full-time health and business coach for Take Shape for Life. I love dogs, especially my Boston Terrier named Moo. And I love entrepreneurial ideas, personal development and business books, and simply being healthy and enjoying life.

I specialize in helping BUSY entrepreneurs and professionals, with 30+ pounds to lose, say goodbye to the weight for good.

My ideal clients are people who have struggled with their weight, but are now ready to make their health a priority in their life. (Because once this decision has been made, it is in fact a very straightforward process to turning it into reality. And without this decision first being made, it’s not going to happen.) I also like working with nice people. (I’m a former Dale Carnegie trainer and am all about “winning friends and influencing people.”) I have a private nationwide community of Take Shape for Life coaches and clients who are very supportive of one another, and help hold each other accountable, in not just losing weight, but in creating optimal health. (This is via a private Facebook group.)

What does it take to get started?

Step 1. Watch this video about my 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge. In it you’ll also learn my story of losing 150 pounds over 17 months, and you’ll learn how Take Shape for Life works.

Step 2. Once having watched the video, if you feel like you would like to participate in my 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge, and you think that you and I would make a good fit, then simply e-mail me at and let me know that you are interested in discussing further. (I can work with anyone living in the United States. I’m based out of Imperial, California.)

Step 3. We’ll talk on the phone. Expect about 30 minutes. We’ll get to know each other a bit better. And we’ll simply discuss what your goals are, and any questions or concerns you have about getting started.

Step 4. I’ll help you place your first order on my website at and your shipment of food usually arrives within a week.

Step 5. Once you tell me that you are ready to start (for most of my clients it’s the day after they receive their food) I work with you on a daily basis for the first 28 days to make the process simple, giving you just in time coaching as needed, and holding you accountable for reaching your goal.

Step 6. During the first 28 days you can expect to lose 10-20 pounds. Assuming that you have more weight that you want to lose, and that you feel the program is a good fit for you (9 out of 10 people do), then we simply continue the process with me as your coach and accountability partner.

If you are at a point in your life where you have a strong desire to make your health a priority, I know I can help you make it happen. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you start your health journey. You can e-mail me at

Paul McManus

before and after 12-16-14

I specialize in helping BUSY entrepreneurs and professionals, with 30+ pounds to lose, say goodbye to the weight for good.

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