Top 10 Resources

Top 10 Resources to Help You Achieve Optimal Health on Take Shape for Life

This is based on my journey of losing 150 pounds over 17 months and working with over 40 clients as an optimal health coach. – Paul McManus

1. The 5&1 Plan. To create weight loss you need to create a calorie deficit. Following the 5&1 plan consistently is the simplest, most straightforward way, to achieving your goal weight, steadily over time, while having plenty of energy and not having much in the way of physical cravings.
Resource: The amazing fat burning state video.
2. Your Health Coach. Why? Statistically speaking, 85% of people who go on a diet will regain the weight within two years without behavior modification. In my experience of losing 150 pounds over 17 months there is simply no better way to stay on track and accountable to your goals then to stay in frequent contact with your health coach. I’ve observed time and time again that my clients that are willing to be accountable and coachable go on to reach any weight they desire.
3. Facebook Group. One of my favorite mentors, the great business philosopher Jim Rohn, says that you become the five people you spend the most time with. In other words, our daily choices are heavily influenced by the people around us. That’s why our private Facebook group is such an important resource. Because you are aligning yourself with a community of others that are on the same mission as you. It’s a constant source of inspiration, motivation, and accountability.
4. Vision Board. One of the absolute key concepts of why Take Shape for Life is so powerful and effective is that overtime we want to transition you from a “problem solving mentality” to a “going after your goals and dreams mentality.” The problem solving mentality leads to a cycle of yo-yo dieting.
• Pain>take action>feel good>get complacent>return to former habits>end up back in the same place.
• A vision board on the other hands represents that which is truly most important to you, and our desire to go after it is never satiated.
Resource: Dare to Dream: How to use both sides of your brain to create a body and life you love.
5. Dr. A’s recent book, Discover Your Optimal Health. Hands down a must read to set you up for success on the weight loss phase of your journey. Check it out here on Amazon.
6. Habits of Health Support Calls. I typically listen to the recorded version of these. I especially LOVE listening to the following three coaches: Lydia Wente, Craig Blanchette, and David Bush. Three of the recorded calls I absolutely recommend listening to are:
Pain will push…until desire pulls by Craig Blanchette (Great for learning how to avoid the yo-yo diet.
Just Breath by Lydia Wente (Great for dealing with stress/emotional eating.)
Goldilocks Principle of Exercise by Craig Blanchette (Great for understanding the proper role of exercise in the weight loss phase.)
7. Understanding the power of B.E.S.L.I.M.
Reaching your goal weight and more importantly sustaining it is all about creating habits. There simply is no other way. BESLIM is an acronym that we use in Take Shape for Life that stands for:
Breakfast every day. This is important not just for the weight loss phase but for the maintenance phase. Having breakfast every day helps optimize your metabolism, gives you energy; and helps keep your blood sugar stable.
• Exercise. Exercise is optional as part of the weight loss phase. However, it is recommended to start doing light daily exercise, such as walking 30 minutes every day, once you are feeling good and ready to move more. During the weight loss phase it can help enhance your results by helping you burn more calories. Once you have reached your goal weight it becomes very important as a tool to help keep your weight stable, and to help create greater health for yourself overall.
• Support. You have your health coach and a community of support. It’s up to you to utilize them, both during the weight loss phase and afterward.
• Low-fat meals 5-6 times a day. Eating frequently and controlling portion sizes and total calories are critical to success both during the weight loss phase and maintenance phase.
• Individual Plan. In the weight loss phase we generally follow the 5&1 plan. Once you have reached your goal weight, it is important to know how to master your energy intake and expenditure based on your individual weight.
• Monitor. Keeping track of your weight on a weekly basis is the surest way to measure your steady progress and stay on track while in the weight loss phase; and VERY necessary to maintain your weight once you have reached your goal. By religiously weighing yourself once per week you can avoid ever letting your weight spiral out of control again.
8. Fitbit. I have found a Fitbit to be incredibly useful for tracking my daily activity. You wear it as a bracelet and it wirelessly syncs with your smartphone. A great goal to set that I use is to work your way up to doing 10,000+ steps each and every day. This includes the steps you take all day long as well as intentional exercise such as walking. Here is the Fitbit I use.
9. Dr. A’s original book: Dr. A’s Habits of Health. Teaches you everything you need to know to create optimal health for life. Click here to see it on Amazon
10. Becoming a Health Coach Yourself. There is no better way to master your health than to become a health coach and pay it forward. When I first started Take Shape for Life as a client I simply wanted to go from 350 down to 275. Once I got there I became complacent for several months. It wasn’t until I decided to become a health coach myself and help others to get healthy that I began to really take the process seriously. As a result I am in the best shape of my adult life, and I am making a full-time income doing a job I love – helping others in a profound way. If you have friends and family that you’d like to support to create optimal health in their lives, and master your own health in the process, click here to find out more, or simply ask me.

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